Cathie and Food

Cathie’s Manila Trip October 31 – November 4, 2012

1. Pancake House’s Crispy Bacon on Asparagus and Mushroom Tagliatelle
We completely missed breakfast all the days while Cathie was here, so all meals start with lunch.
Cathie decided to be “adventurous” and ordered something she would not usually order.
It was delicious.
I envied her while I ate my boring longganisa meal.

2. Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf’s Toblerone Cheesecake and Double Vanilla Tea Latte with four plastic cups of water
Not-very-interesting fact about Cathie: she would waste twice the number of plastic cups so that she “would not have to stand up again to refill her water.”
Environmentalists should hound her.

3. Brickfire’s Broccoli Tex-Mex and Cowgirl Annie (T-bone steak)
“I’m a meat-eater.” ~Cathie Bella

4. Tamagoya’s Kara Buta Don (Hot and Spicy Pork Rice Bowl)
Actual food not on picture because we were too hungry when the food came.
This was the most delicious meal of Cathie during her trip.
But, mostly, thank you to Sergs for taking us there.

5. Kare-kare with Barrio Fiesta’s Bagoong
We wake up to Kare-kare on the pot.
It was a good morning.


Breakfasts in Bacolod

This is why I love breakfasts in Bacolod.

A Challenge

Here is something I would like to do:

Some rules I would like to apply to myself:

1. Stick to the script.
I am following a friend’s recommended list for this challenge.
(Note that while I have not read the entire list, I submit to blog about all items.)

2. Stick to the regularity.
One blog a day for 30 days.
(Why join when I decide to miss days?)

3. Stick to the pace.
No advance blogging.
(Sometimes, I write several blogs in a day and just schedule when I should post them.)

I do hope you enjoy.
May GOD be praised.